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Cool guy eats 'Sewai ki kheer' using chopsticks, gets thrown out of the house

20, Aug 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Gurugram: A self proclaimed cool guy named Jagdeep who had recently learned how to use the chopsticks, infuriated his parents when he started eating the homemade Sewai ki kheer using them. The parents or mom and pop as he calls them then proceed to chase him violently using lathis and eventually threw him and all his earthly belongings out of the house.

Are you a 'cool guy' too?
Are you a ‘cool guy’ too?

We spoke to the mother of the displaced son for more details, “I was already fed up with Jagdeep or JD as he calls himself. First he started talking only in English, so much so that he shooed off a poor beggar by saying ‘shoo ‘shoo, there’s nothing for you here’. He then not only started calling us mom and pop, he even called my parents, ‘grandmom’ and ‘grandpop’. So coming back to the chopsticks business. One day when we had gone to eat authentic Indian food he as usual ordered Hakka noodles and then proceeded to berate the waiter for not providing him with chopsticks. He then proceeded to pluck 2 twigs of a nearby plant and proceeded to eat with them.”

“We were surprised as he usually ate the noodles with his hand. Soon he started eating Maggi, Patanjali aata noodles, khichadi with chopsticks and I tolerated it all. Then when he tried to eat my low sugar pro-diabetic Sewai kheer with them, my patience was over. Hum kya pagal baithe hain! After chasing him out of the house, me and my husband proceeded to ransack his room and found the room full of objectionable 18+ content which my husband collected and proceeded to burn, at least he claims he did,” she added.

The parents caught up with JD just outside the house as the only way through the flood was by swimming and he never learnt it as he didn’t consider it cool enough.