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Cops to be extra vigilant this New Year, promise strict action against those who don't drink but nibble all the snacks

31, Dec 2018 By @jurnoleast

It’s New Year time and once again, just like previous year, cops across the country have pulled up their socks to tackle any untoward incident that threatens to hamper celebrations.


Topmost on their list are teetotalers and light drinkers who finish all the snacks while rest of the gang is busy enjoying their drinks.

Undercover cops will be present at different party locations across the country to identify and take action against these individuals.

In Mumbai, cops are relying on technology to reign in anyone found nibbling ‘chakhna’ without a glass of spirit. “We have set up an IT cell. CCTV cameras and drone footage will be constantly monitored,” said a senior official.

Nirav Tulli, Chairman of All India Chakhna Daaru Association, welcomed the move and said, “These nibblers are a bane. Last year we received many complaints about them and how they spoil a party. If cops take action even against a few, the rest will fall in line.”

A few party goers were however opposed to this draconian action against non-drinkers. Call to boycott New Year parties were also seen floating on social media.

Mitesh Shah, an engineering student from Mumbai, vehemently opposed any form of policing of New Year party as long as it did not violate the law. “I don’t drink at parties. But I love to eat. Now, cops have made this a crime. Even though I don’t drink, we split the bill equally. Why isn’t anyone speaking about that,” he questioned.

Mitesh has now decided to get his own khakhra-thepla snack for NYE party and munch on them endlessly as a mark of protest.

Coach of Indian cricket team, who will celebrate New Year in Australia hoped for a similar kind of action there too. While speaking to Faking News he said, “Everytime I sit down to have a drink, Jadeja sab kha leta hai.”