Monday, 6th April, 2020


Cops quarantine Digvijay Singh in Bengaluru, say 'nothing to do with Corona, just keeping him away from meeting rebel MLAs'

18, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

With each passing day, the drama surrounding MP test is getting more intense. Congress leader Digvijay Singh, who landed in Bengaluru today, was immediately quarantined on his arrival by cops.

It was earlier speculated that Digvijay Singh had shown symptoms of coronavirus. Cops later clarified that the leader was quarantined not for the disease, but to stop him from meeting rebel MLAs.

Upon his landing in city, the Congress leader was lifted and taken to a quarantine facility on the outskirts. Though Digvijay kept saying that he had no symptoms of coronavirus, cops refused to listen.

“He was literally roughed up and manhandled by the cops. At one point one cop almost slapped him. It all looked like a MTV Roadies episode with Digvijay as the contestant and cops as the judges,” said a source while speaking to our reporter.

Eyewitness say that Mr. Singh wanted to speak to the media as well, but cops covered his face with a mask, and kept reporters away citing social distancing.

The aforementioned rebel MLAs are holed up in a resort in Bengaluru and Congress party is doing everything it can to stop anyone from meeting them.

While speaking on the issue a BJP Spokesperson said, “The virus spreads through human contact and we are concerned for Digvijayji’s health. So we have stopped him from meeting the rebel MLA’s. I hope now Rahul Gandhi will not questions of Govt’s preparedness in fighting the virus.”