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Corruption in engineering college fests to be discussed in Parliament

13, Aug 2013 By advancedexter

Mumbai. The long standing issue of mismanagement and corruption in organizing engineering college fests is all set to be discussed in the Parliament. A group of first year engineering students from various colleges have petitioned MPs to disrupt parliament on this issue.

“While most of us are below 18 years and hence don’t have voting rights, but political parties should think long term and help us,” Annaket, a first year chemical engineering student explained.

Sources confirm that it’s been one of the longest running scams in the country. First year students (FEs) have been falling prey to the marketing and convincing gimmicks of senior students who seem to make unrealistic promises ranging from free attendance to giving extra term test marks, to even setting them up with hot girls in the vicinity.

Festival banner
First year engineering students claim that most fest banners include dark dancing shadows (such as above) because seniors keep them in dark and indulge in shadow dealings.

“Even politicians don’t make such false promises,” a first year engineering student claimed.

“Fest means FEST – FE Swindled and Tricked,” he added.

“Seniors fooled innocent FEs into believing that Rock Shows would have Metallica, Indian Ocean and Slayer coming. Tickets ranging from 1000 to 5000 rupees were extracted from them. Instead a local band ‘Pappu and Boyz RoCKX’ played Altaf Raja’s Jholuraam tuned to high bass beats and people were compulsorily made to headbang!” a student at a Mumbai suburban college told Faking News.

A group of students also complained about the nature of work they had to undertake for their college fests. Technical heads made FEs watchmen guarding the labs while they were busy playing online multiplayer games. They claimed it was a technical exercise.

Another FE was made “hospitality head” but in reality he was made to serve tea not only to the college authorities but also in the neighboring areas for “goodwill”. A marketing guy was forced to make PPTs for the final year students’ projects as a learning process towards Business Administration.

Students from a reputed college were seen complaining that Fests were nothing but a waste of time and they were cheated in the same way the government is cheating the nation.

These students further claimed that the list of Sponsors was also a sham. “Last year they (seniors) claimed that McD was sponsor, but the wrapping on my burger had a transcription ‘Munna loves Sweety’. No way the burgers were from McDonald’s!” the student protested.

“And to add to that, they misuse funds,” the student claimed, “Pen, papers, crayons, glue-sticks, and all such needs of their family members are financed through college funds. In fact, one guy in 2005 bought a bike after siphoning off the funds!”

Since FEs have taken the issue to parliament, the whole thing has attracted political interest too.

Digvijay Singh has linked the College Fest fiasco with the RSS. BJP has asked for Manmohan Singh’s resignation. Rahul Gandhi was unavailable for comments as he was visiting a poor FE’s hostel room for free snacks, while Shiv Sena has already blackened the faces of multiple college deans and principals.