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Couple breaks up after boyfriend clarifies ‘Bringing stars from the sky’ was just a ‘Jumla’

13, Feb 2015 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Delhi: As the Valentine ’s Day approaches, couples across the country are under immense pressure to show the world how happening their love life is. While some are having lofty plans of celebrating Valentine’s Day, others are trying to take stock of the promises fulfilled by their lovers in last year.

Call it an election fever but a girl residing in Gupta Market, Lajpat Nagar area of South Delhi actually demanded answers from his boyfriend on the promises he had made while proposing to her last year.

The 'other' Amit lent out his support to dejected Amit.
The ‘other’ Amit lent out his support to dejected Amit.

Bharti and Amit, who became a couple last year, were going through the memories of time spent together on the rose day when suddenly Bharti started reminding him the promises he had made. That’s when the rose of their love started wilting. First she asked about the promise of diamond ring to which Amit expressed helplessness since his bank account was already touching bottom because of investment declarations he had to make in January. Although Amit was able to convince Bharti on several points but the last nail in the coffin was Amit’s promise of ‘Bringing stars from the sky’.

As soon as Bharti mentioned to him “Tumne kaha tha ki Jaan-e-Man tumhare liye aasman se chand-tare tod ke le aaunga. But you haven’t brought me a single star from the sky till date”, Amit was shocked. He tried explaining to her that it was just a ‘Jumla’ which desperate lovers often say while proposing but Bharti was not impressed. As the discussion seemed going nowhere even after spending 2 hours and couple entry pass worth Rs. 4000 in an exclusive restaurant, they decided to break up.

When Shaitaan Khopdi™ talked to Amit he said, “Tare tod ke lana ek Jumla hota hai. Ye aapko bhi pata hai aur unko bhi. Fir bhi agar vo nahi samajh rahi hai to mujhe taras aata hai”.

Our sources tell that during the negotiations Bharti tried giving him several hints that she is willing to forget ‘Chand-Tare wala Jumla‘ if he can give her a diamond ring on the V-day. At one such desperate moment she waved her ring finger and said “Chand tare to sirf rat ko aate hain, lekin Diamond is forever“. But Amit reportedly kept ignoring her clues.

Bharti is now accusing Amit of deliberately creating situations leading to break up.  “I was thinking that we will roam around Lodhi Garden on V-day so that Hindu Mahasabha guys would get us married (for free). From the money we would save on marriage I had planned to go on a 10 days honeymoon in Mauritius on the very next day. But this guy, it seems broke up as he was more interested in watching Ind-Pak world cup match on 15th than going on our honeymoon.”