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Couple cancels their vacation plan as they realize by the time they cross Bengaluru, it will be end of vacation

23, Mar 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: IT couple Vinod and Sujata who were looking for a long break for quite some time had to cancel their vacation plan at the last minute as the number of days off they got was not sufficient to have a ‘proper’ vacation.


“After trying hard for a year, both my manger as well as Sujata’s manager approved same couple of days of leave for both of us. In these 48 hours, what kind of vacation we will have?” said Vinod who was cursing both the mangers for reducing their leave from 5 days to 2 days.

“Do our managers have any sense, they also stay in this same IT city. The time is so limited, it would not be sufficient to cross the Bengaluru city limits and come back. Then what for we will take a break. With so much heat outside and no tinted glass allowed here, we have no interest to spend quality time with each other waiting for these big traffic jams to clear up,” said Sujata who was equally upset.

Vinod and Sujata said, “Last time we did a big mistake of announcing our long-cherished vacation plan in advance to our friends and relatives. At the end we ended up in spending the entire time on these roads. Everyone was asking where are your vacation pictures? This time we both decided, let us see the time we have in our hand and then take a call. At least we have no pressure now to make photoshopped pictures to upload in social media.”

Both Vinod and Sujata are not going to waste their two days. They have locked the gate from outside, with no maid, milkman or newspaperwalah to disturb them. They will have full time for each other provided phone remains off. But in these times, is it possible? Would like to hear from our esteemed readers, how to enjoy a vacation at home.