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Couple caught together at midnight on campus, studying

28, Jan 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Chennai. A boy and girl at IIT Madras campus were caught together near institute’s stadium at midnight yesterday. The couple was sitting in an isolated corner and engaged in studying when Ram Nawab, the institute’s night watchman spotted them. Shocked beyond belief, Ram Nawab immediately alerted the IIT administration, which has issued a show cause notice to the couple for indulging in weird practices on campus.

“They were doing absolutely nothing but studying together!” a visibly shocked Ram Nawab recalled the events of last night, “I have even made an MMS of the couple. You can see them exchanging books and notes while they sit next to each other, all by themselves in the dead of the night. Unbelievable!”

Sad girl
The identity of the couple has not been revealed by the administration

Ram Nawab refused to show the MMS to the Faking News reporter as he had been warned against any such misadventure by the hostel warden. IIT administration is making sure that no raunchy details of the unprecedented event go outside the campus.

“Students are the most valuable resources of any education institute. Such incidents are criminal wastage of institute’s resources,” Dean, Student Affairs, IIT Madras said, “Last time we had encountered such wastage of resources was when students were caught using test tubes as bails over wickets while playing cricket.”

The Dean’s office has asked the concerned students, the ones caught studying, to explain their conduct.

“They could have gone to the library to study, why did they choose a secluded corner near stadium?” Dushyant, an angry student at IIT Madras justified the administration’s decision.

“This incident could dampen the chances of IIT Madras sperm donors,” Veeryaputra, a Mechanical Engineering student at IIT Madras referred to the news of a couple desirous of having a sperm donor from some IIT.

However, the concerned students appeared unfazed after the incident. “We humanities students have so much to study, unlike the engineering students. So we have to resort to studying in the night. HS 101 (read as HS LOL) is a very difficult subject. We have to remember 1001 ways to say ‘hi, wassup’ by Immanuel Kant, followed by a treatise on the correct usage of the word ‘dude’,” they said.

The incident comes amid talks of IITs tweaking their admission process to favor girl students. Experts believe that such incidents could prove to be a major setback to such initiatives as the outside world could be forced to believe that IITs don’t need more girls.

(adapted version of this article published by Faking News Facebook page of IIT Madras)