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Couple happy with their helpful and honest property dealer

11, May 2010 By GenuineFaker

Gurgaon. Local residents Harmesh and Deepti Gupta are quite happy with the house they have rented in the middle of nowhere in Sector-46, Gurgaon, and give all the credit for this wonderful deal to their most helpful and honest property dealer, Mr Bunty Mehta. Sources report that the deal is said to be another ‘feather in the cap’ for Mr Bunty, who specializes in renting properties that other property dealers generally give up as ‘unrentable’.

Harmesh and Deepti had been driving around Gurgaon looking for a house to rent for about three weeks, when they received a call from Mr Bunty. “Mr Bunty was very helpful from the very first call,” recalls Harmesh. “He told us to stay away from all other property dealers as all except him were thieves and robbers of the highest order. I took his advice and see where it landed us,” says Harmesh, looking lovingly at the grey-colored house, which hasn’t been painted yet by the owner.

Bunty's business card
Apart from real estate, Bunty is always ready and happy to help with many other services, with an assured sincerity and honesty in dealings

“Grey goes very well with my eyes,” says Deepti with a blush, out of earshot of her husband. “Buntyji told me that when I objected to the lack of paint. And it’s kinda true, isn’t it?” asks Deepti, wiping the sweat on her forehead.

“The heat is temporary,” assures Harmesh. “As per Vaastu, this house only remains unbearably hot during the months of May and June. Mr Bunty also assured us that once the Jhajjar Power Plant becomes operational, which could be any day now, there won’t be any more 12 hour-long power cuts in the area.”

“I wonder how the others in the area cope with the power cuts,” says Deepti. In the two months they have been living in this house, she has not met a single person belonging to their socio-economic class. There are a lot of jhuggis around, to be sure, belonging to migrant laborers. Mr Bunty has apparently told them that they should look some more; the area is full of people like them.

When contacted, Mr Bunty Mehta was all praises for the couple. “We need more clients like them to get this country out of the real-estate slump,” he said. “All their problems are temporary, I have assured them,” he added with a twinkle in his eyes, “including the lack of kiraana shops, doctors, schools and parks in the sector.”

Fellow property dealer Rajesh had more to add, “Bunty has done it again! He has found the perfect client-property match. Only people as trusting and optimistic as the Guptas could live in the stench coming out of the big open drain right behind them, which of course is going to be filled up very soon.”