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Couple start dating while waiting in queue outside bank, also breakup by the time their turn came

13, Nov 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: Ever since Narendra Modi government demonetized old 500 and 1000 Rs notes, long queues have become a feature outside every bank and working ATM. People are spending hours outside the banks and some of them are getting to know each other well. At an SBI branch in Delhi, two such people, Ajay and Sonia, started liking each other very much and even started a relationship.

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However, it took another 2 hrs for their turn after they started their ‘relationship’ and that time was too much for the relationship. Sonia broke up with Ajay as she left the bank with her 4000 Rs.

“Unfortunately I forgot to charge my phone before coming to the bank today so I had no other option but to talk to the people waiting around me. There was this very pretty girl in front of me and I started talking to her. Turned out, we had many common interests and we really hit it off. All of a sudden I didn’t even feel bad for waiting there”, Ajay told Faking News.

“After a while I asked her if she would like to go out with me and she said yes. Since we couldn’t leave from there, I ordered Pizza and some cold drink there only. We had our Pizza standing in the queue, had the cold drink, had a really nice time. Unfortunately, a little later we started arguing over something and it turned bad. When she left the bank, she told me to never try to contact her again and left. However my turn had come at the bank so I was really happy despite that”, Ajay added.

When we contacted Sonia for her reaction to the story, she said, “Well I told him right at the start that I am looking for something short term. The time we spent at the queue was a little longer than short term.”