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Courier company adds a check, if person is in HR, deliveries on office address won't be done after 3 PM

21, Jul 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: A courier company in Bengaluru has added a new check, any deliveries marked to HR persons on their office address won’t be done after 3 PM. I just went away for few minutes and this designer is gone to sleep on his desk

In its terms and conditions section, the courier company has added the time for deliveries on office addresses is subjected to the presence of the recipient.

“We had to put one more asterisk. We cannot guarantee the number of days within which parcels will be delivered in certain cases. This is one of them”, said Namit Agarwal, head of Agarwal courier services.

“The number of unsuccessful deliveries are relatively high for HR employees of many IT companies. On top of it, my delivery persons will be asked to go to different food courts during lunch hour. To look for the person there when it will be filled with people, this delays per parcel delivery time”, said Mr. Agarwal citing the data analysis his firm has done recently.

He added, “In some cases, HR persons will agree to be there till 3 PM. Once Uber/OLA starts offering good discounts many would be in a hurry to catch them, they will start calling my delivery persons to come quickly. In these traffic filled roads, how they will reach so quickly. Ultimately my delivery persons return with undelivered samples”.

Mr. Agarwal says, every piece of undelivered parcel hits his company’s profitability as they have to make multiple trips to same office location to deliver the parcels. With current price of petrol this is unaffordable for the company.

Mr. Agrawal request to his customers, “Please avoid ordering in office address to show your office colleagues how much you splurge. If you work from home most of the time, order in that address”.