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Courier company employs drones to deliver parcels around Silk Board Junction

06, Jul 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: ‘Amazing courier service’ a startup company has come up with a service model which many experts term as market disruptive. When other courier companies, food delivery apps struggle to get past Asia’s largest traffic bottleneck, Amazing courier service use drones to deliver parcels around Silk Board junction.

“It is far easier to deliver something from Bengaluru to Chennai than to deliver to someone staying in places where my delivery boys have to cross Silk Board junction,” said Abhijith K, founder and CEO of Amazing courier service company.

“Some cases families of my delivery boys raise missing complaint as they do not return for days, their mobile phone batteries die and families could not reach them. They will call me to inquire, but I am helpless. How can I track them in sea of people that assemble at the junction every day 24 by 7,” added Mr. Abhijith.

Looking at the situation which has worsened after metro construction work has started at the junction, Abhijith thought about using drones to deliver parcels.

“The initial capital investment is high. But looking at the popularity of the service, we will break even soon. Many food delivery apps, Pizza stores are using our service. If someone wants to deliver Garam Kheer or Bisibele bath, they can bindaas use our service,” said Mr. Abhijith

“Looking at the prospects, our existing PE investors are excited. I am planning to introduce “HeliRescue” service in near future through which we will rescue and evacuate people from the junction through specially designed helicopters. One just needs to send request to our WhatsApp number,” said Abhijith who is planning to raise 10 million for his startup through series G funding.