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Courier person goes straight to cafeteria to handover couriers belonging to HR team

25, Oct 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Nitin Kumar, a delivery boy working for YellowDart courier company is winning best employee of the year for last three years. Nitin mostly delivers couriers to the offices inside IT parks.


“When we look at key parameters, like average time he takes to deliver one courier, total duration he takes to handover 100 couriers, number of times couriers getting delivered to wrong person. In every parameter, he comes on top”, said Dileep, Nitin’s reporting manager at the courier company.

Dileep added, “According to me what makes Nitin a standout performer is, he knows very well who will be where at what time. Suppose he knows the person is from HR team, instead of looking for him or her in cubicles, he will straightway head towards cafeteria. Regular Sutta gang’s couriers are delivered at their chai-sutta vendor place standing on the roads”.

Nitin while speaking to us, said, “As the cafeteria is a common area for many IT companies, not only one company HR team would be sitting there. Almost all the nearby companies HR teams would have taken their sweet spots in some corner tables. It makes my life so easy and it shows in my performance metrics”.

He added, “There is a catch here too. From Ganapathi festival to Diwali or Christmas to Makar Sankranti, or for that matter any long weekends either side seven days, I will not look for them in cafeterias. Most of them would not be in office only. I will hand over everything to reception person only”.

Nitin also shared some challenges with his profession. He said, “Like yesterday for Nisha Ma’am there was a big cartoon box parcel. It was some private gift, she wanted me to keep it at her cubicle. As she is new to HR team and she has spent most of her time here in cafeteria, she could not tell me the exact cubicle number, told me a wrong one at the end”.

“I had to literally search for her cubicle carrying the heavy box when she was having cold coffee with her colleagues in cafeteria”, said Nitin who notes down cubicle numbers of new HR members in case it would be needed in future.