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Cows in India protest against Coldplay's new video for not showing them crossing the street

01, Feb 2016 By @jurnoleast

Patna: A group of cows from Bihar are on a hunger strike to protest against Coldplays latest video ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ for showing every possible symbol related to India but not showing cows crossing the streets.

A cow protesting against Queen Bey
A cow protesting against Queen Bey

Speaking to Faking News, the chief of Cow Association of India said, “The video is not just cultural appropriation it is gross underrepresentation of cows. The video shows peacocks, poor kids, taxis, sadhus, holi and all that but no cows. Don’t they know how important we are in India?”

Ramdulari, a cow from Bihar who is part of the protesting group had a dejected look on her face. She said, “Since the time I came to know that a foreign band is planning to ‘make a music video about India’, I was very excited and have been practicing my moves all this while. I have also practiced crossing possibly every street in Mumbai, at times putting my life in danger.”

Apparently, the group is on an indefinite hunger till the band issues an apology. “We will continue our hunger strike till we get an apology or the band reshoots the video showing a few of us on the street and we hope that our protest is taken seriously.”

A few cows are also planning to meet Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav to put forward their demands.

Local administration has said that garbage has been piling up since cows have gone on strike.

Meanwhile, animal activists have criticized the makers of the video for hurting the sentiments of cows. “They make a video about Indian and there are no cows, how insensitive can someone be. If they can show Sonam Kapoor for 2 seconds, they can definitely show a few cows,” said Menuka Sharma, an animal rights activist.