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Criminal offered money to change his name to “Ashok Khemka”

22, Oct 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Gurgaon. A local extortionist and part-time political worker Chhedi Singh has been asked by some unknown men to change his name to “Ashok Khemka” – the Haryana IAS officer who is currently under fire for his past records.

Chhedi has been promised 2 crore rupees in cash, a residential plot in Gurgaon, and some criminal cases dropped against him if he went ahead with the name change.

Ashok Khemka
Khemka was earlier flooded with phone calls that asked him if he was interested in changing his name to Baba Ashokram

“I don’t know them, but they claimed they were well connected and said that it was a high level project monitored by someone very powerful in the government,” Chhedi told Faking News.

Sources say that Chhedi had been thinking of changing his name ever since his name was mocked at in Salman Khan’s movie Dabangg. Although this is exactly what the doctor ordered, he’s not convinced that “Ashok Khemka” could be a good replacement.

“The name doesn’t have the class that I need,” claimed the local gunda aspiring to be a national leader, “Although the benefits that I’m being promised are very attractive, I’d rather chart out a better plan and become a more dreaded criminal to earn much more.”

Although Chhedi denies knowing the motives of people who offered him the deal, experts believe that this could be part of the conspiracy to publicly humiliate the IAS officer who ordered probe into Robert Vadra’s land deals.

“The plan is to see media stories like Ashok Khemka arrested for snatching bikes, Locals complain against Ashok Khemka for whistling at women, etc. that could humiliate the whistleblower IAS officer. Since filing chargesheets against him is not having the same impact, they would have thought of taking this route,” a media and PR consultant told Faking News.

“Maybe they should try photoshopping Ashok Kehmka’s picture next to Narendra Modi’s photo, preferably holding hands with the Gujarat CM,” the consultant offered a free advice to those wanting to humiliate the IAS officer by portraying him as a villain.