Crowd trashes men who dressed up as women and stood in shorter ladies queue at wine shop to get alcohol

06, May 2020 By yogy

Wine shops across the country have opened up once again as lockdown restrictions eased at several places.


Crowds could be seen pushing and shoving their way to the counter to lay their hands on their favorite spirit.

There were many who even stood in line from 5 am in the morning just to get the glimpse of the alcohol bottle. While there were no untoward incidents reported owing to people showing unusual discipline, there was one untoward incident reported from Malad West in Mumbai.

Three men who were dressed as women and stood in the shorter ladies queue to buy alcohol were trashed by angry crowd.

Their ingenuity couldn’t last long after the tennis ball that was tucked inside popped out due to strap of the bra coming off.

Eyewitness say that the livid crowd rained blows on the men and it stopped only after the cops arrived.

“They were wearing ladies clothes and had their faces covered with a mask. No one suspected anything till that ball fell down. When he bent down to pick up what he dropped, his hairy chest was on display. That’s when I thought something was fishy. I mean beauty parlor’s are closed due to lockdown, but still no woman can have so much hair. A couple of us questioned them and found that they were men wearing ladies clothing,” said a  man outside the wine shop.

“We have been standing here in the scorching sun for the past 8 hours and these guys are seeking a shortcut. How can anyone not beat them up,” he questioned.

A few news reporters reached the spot, but left after some time when they couldn’t find a Hindu-Muslim angle to the incident.

To prevent such things from happening in future, cops are now keeping a vigil at wine shops especially those that have separate queues for women.