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In crowded BMTC bus person who mistakenly took cash from other's pocket was not a pickpocket

14, Feb 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Pramod Kumar, a person travelling in BMTC bus was blamed for something which he did not do ‘intentionally’. He was alleged of pick-pocketing from a person standing beside him inside overcrowded BMTC bus.

On the events that unfolded, this is what Pramod has to say.

“When I entered the bus, it was not full by BMTC standard, somewhere close to 150% of its carrying capacity. Driver and conductor were enjoying their breakfast at a nearby restaurant,” said Pramod.

A fellow passenger told Pramod, driver normally start the engine when people inside the bus reach 3 times of its carrying capacity, move forward once it reach 5 times.

“In that 5X state I was not feeling where is the lower part of my body. There were seven heads in around me in a circumference of two sqft. But everyone was conscious to keep their lips at least few millimeters away from each other to avoid conflict with article 377 which is still in force,” said Pramod.

“Conductor asked me for 20 rupees, which I had kept separately in my side pant pocket as taking out wallet is next to impossible in that situation. I did not realize I took the cash from my bus neighbor’s pocket who had kept cash in same way. Was surprised in that state also; the fellow passenger could sense I took money from his pocket. Maybe he was regular passengers aware of the state of BMTC, I was doing my service of contributing to green Bengaluru by travelling on monthly once bus day,” said Pramod.

How did he come out of the ‘unpleasant’ situation? Pramod said, “During inspection conductor found many unused Sodexo coupons, hardly any cash along with six credit cards in my wallet. Pack of cigarette, and my eyes were red like someone who has not slept for months. This gave enough hints that I am a techie who will not do this for 20 rupees, left me with a warning to be careful in future.’