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Customer care executive solves problem in 2 minutes

25, Jan 2014 By indianpsycho

Hyderabad: In a shocking incident that has shattered people’s faith in humanity and service sector in India, a customer executive working in Telecom Company has created a record of sorts by resolving a customer’s problem in just one go. She reportedly took only 2 minutes to rectify the problem.

Olx Customer care
The happiness was short-lived.

Such was the impact of the incident that unable to bear the shock the customer who was on the other end of the call, suffered a massive heart attack.

As per his family the man became suspicious when executive didn’t put his call on hold even after 2 long seconds into the call. His hands began to shiver at prospect of the call ending way before he had predicted. And just when the executive said “Thank you for calling. Is there something else that I can do”, he collapsed.

“My 3G pack was not working so I called customer care. I was mentally prepared to give 3-4 days of my life to get it resolved and had accordingly applied for a week long leave at office,” revealed the man who is now recovering and said to be stable by doctors.

“I had further cancelled all my previous commitments and was totally prepared for the tough battle ahead with a huge stock of popcorn in my hand ready to press thousand buttons before finally getting my problem resolved,” he added.

The executive in question has been laid off by the company and has been black listed by all companies for such a reckless behavior. Companies fear such incidents would put many other executives out of job as customers would start expecting same level of proficiency from them which they may not be able to exhibit.

“What she has done is unforgivable. We are ashamed of this dubious record. We are taking every efforts to ensure it is not repeated in future,” revealed the CEO of company who is facing serious flak from all quarters.