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Customer thrown out of Delhi restaurant for ordering chaas, taken back only after he agrees to call it 'spice infused buttermilk'

27, May 2017 By @jurnoleast

Manpreet Arora’s plans to spend some family time at an upscale Delhi restaurant went for a toss after he was tossed out of the restaurant for ordering ‘chaas’, which the restaurant says should have been called as ‘spice infused buttermilk.


The incident happened at The Golden Chariot restaurant in Vasant Vihar where Mr. Arora was having dinner and thought of finishing it off with a serving of chaas. But as soon as he placed the order, two men who looked like bouncers appeared from nowhere, picked him up and threw him outside without warning.

It was only after the Manager took a written assurance from us that we wont repeat our behavior, that we could continue with our dinner. Many say that this is not an isolated incident and restaurants across Delhi are now expecting their patrons to refrain from using desi sounding food names.

“We have microphones hidden behind curtains to spot offenders,” said another restaurant owner who didn’t wish to be named.

Sandeep Sharma, veteran chef and author of ‘Best Kept Restaurant Secrets’, says, “Most of the people in Delhi consciously try to avoid such Indian sounding names in an effort to appear ‘cool’. In fact they’d eat anything with a fancy sounding name. I remember an incident where one of our cook accidentally burnt the entire dish. Even our pet dog would have refused to eat that. But we gave that dish a fancy Italian name and the guests savored the burnt remnants from the kitchen without complaining.”

The epidemic seems to have spread across Delhi with even roadside eateries falling for upmarket names. Radheshyam Pandey, more popularly known as Pandey Golgappe wala, has changed the signboard of his stall to more hip sounding ‘Raddy’s street food’ and almost slapped our reporter when asked for his mouth watering golgappa. “It’s called Sweet n Sour crunchy balls,” he screamed.