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Customer doesn’t ask for free Oregano with Pizza, executive refuses to take order thinking it to be fake call

28, Dec 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Free oregano pouches with Pizza is a basic human right, at least that’s what most of us think. In fact Pizza without free oregano is like technique in Shikhar Dhawan’s batting, it does not exist. So when someone doesn’t ask for oregano pouches, there is bound to be surprise element created. And that is exactly what happened when Shwetank Srivastava failed to ask for Oregano with his Pizza. Normally what happens in an average Indian household is that people surrounding the person who is ordering Pizza on phone constantly remind him about the free pouches of spices and extra ketchup. But Shwetank being a Mechanical Engineer, he doesn’t have that luxury of company around him.


Yesterday when he was placing the order for pizza, the executive asked him 3 times whether he wanted extra spices or not. And he refused every time. This made the executive a bit surprised and he thought that this might be one of those fake calls where people just call up, place a order and the address given is a fake one. He immediately put down the phone and Shwetank’s wish of eating a pizza for dinner remained a wish. He din’t realize the mistake he had made, and it was only after narrating his story to a school friend he realize what a blunder he had committed.

After the goof up though, Shwetank has learnt his lesson, and today when he called up the Pizza place to practice his new found ordering etiquette, he first asked for the free oregano pouches and then placed the order and guess what, he received his pizza 20 minutes before the scheduled time. That’s the importance of oregano pouches in India. Thank me later for reminding you about this ordering blunder.