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Customer seizes an Uber cab after Uber releases its new tagline "Isey Apni hi Gaadi Samjho"

21, Aug 2017 By Guest Patrakar

American transportation and food Delivery Company, Uber Technologies Inc. has rolled out its first television campaign for India, four years after entering the country.

In its ad, company urges consumers to try Uber cab as it provides the comfort of one’s own car. Uber ad finishes with a tagline “Isey Apni Hi Gaadi Samjho”.


Instead of increasing the revenue, the ad and the tagline is leading to losses. A customer, Santosh Kumar, seized the Uber cab he booked saying “Main nahi doonga. Isey apni hi gaadi samajh liya

Faking News reporter spoke to  Santosh Kumar. Santosh said, “You would have seen Uber’s ad, it clearly says Isey apni hi gaadi samajho. Now you tell me would you let a stranger drive your car? No? Right? I also did same, I asked the driver to get off my apni hi car and took home. Driver then called the owner and complained at a nearest police station. I don’t think I am at fault, hence I’ll take the help of my lawyers.”

SHO, Mr. Sethi didn’t arrest Santosh, saying Santosh is not completely wrong, and we can’t arrest him until company clarifies that tagline shouldn’t be taken seriously. Uber Management hasn’t clarified as of now since saying that tagline is not true, would hurt the brand value of the company even more.

It’s is not the first time when a company has got into trouble due its ad campaign or tagline. A man claimed Bajaj Company after Bajaj changed its tagline to Hamara Bajaj. Bajaj had to fight a legal case against the man to resolve the conflict. Similar Incident happened when a car buyer asked “Kitna deti hai?” to a lady receptionist in a Maruti Showroom in Gurgaon.

Should taglines be taken seriously? If yes, then it raise many questions. In the era of smartphone when everyone is looking down at their phones how true is HDFC’s tagline “Jiyo Sar Utha Ke“?

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