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Customers wait at Dr Batra's clinic without getting any response as all employees were busy spamming other customers with emails

14, Jan 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: If you have not received a single mail from Dr Batra in your lifetime there are serious question marks on your digital presence. India’s leading spammer Dr Batra is such a pro that you would have received at least one text message from him about hair loss treatment by the time you finish reading this sentence.


Dr Batra is everywhere – TV, radio, newspaper, billboard, social media and also in my nightmares. It’s difficult to be in a world where you don’t receive any emails from Dr Batra. There is also a rumor that Dr Batra does the internet recharges of people so that later he can spam them. In a shocking incident, 20 customers returned from his clinic in anger as no employee attended them or even spoke to them. Actually, all the employees were busy spamming customers with emails that they forgot to take care of customers who had actually visited their branch.

Dr Batra has done what he does best. He has sent a common apology letter to all Indians via EMAIL. He has promised free treatment for all customers who had visited and left his office in anger today. Faking News reporter spoke to the HR manager of Dr Batra’s to know about the recruitment policy and he had this to say,” Look, our policy is simple, if you can draft a mail and send it to unknown people, you are fit to work with us.”