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Dagdi Chawl residents prepare for celebrations after hearing Daddy's release date; later realise it is the movie's release date

09, Sep 2017 By Akash Vadera

Residents of Byculla, Mumbai lit up the famous Dagdi Chawl on Thursday night, after they came to know that Daddy (Arun Gawli) was being released the next day, that is, Friday. However, all happiness turned into dust when they realised that the movie Daddy is being released and not Daddy himself.

We interviewed one of the residents of Dagdi Chawl and here’s what he had to say (Interview translated from Marathi to English). “I have been staying in Dagdi Chawl ever since Daddy was here.” our reporter told him to use Arun Gawli instead of Daddy. After slapping our reporter 3 times for saying that name, he continued further, “Ever since Daddy went to jail, Dagdi Chawl became like a body without a soul. Earlier, we used to celebrate each and every occasion, however small it may be, because Daddy had told us to celebrate life in any way we can. One time we celebrated when our hotel guy made the perfectly spicy misal. The other time we celebrated when Sairat crossed 100 cr. So when we came to know on Thursday morning that Daddy is getting released on Friday, we decided to have a grand celebration for his welcome.”

“We decorated Dagdi Chawl like a bride. We cleaned the streets that were filled with wastes of vada pav and misal. Even the chawl guys who wore only boxers everyday wore a pant and a shirt for the event. But then Aatmaram Bhide, the most educated guy in our chawl, told us that it is the movie Daddy that is being released and not Arun Gawli. We first slapped him 3 times for using that name and not saying Daddy. Then we mourned this shock for 3 hours with deshi daaru (Indian alcohol),” he said in a gloomy tone.

“Even though Daddy is not getting released tomorrow, we will wait for him and keep on celebrating as much as we can. I hope Arun Saheb will come back soon,” and he slapped himself 3 times for using that name.