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Dahi Handi will not have height restrictions, but Govinda should be of minimum 7 feet, orders court

15, Aug 2017 By RT

Mumbai. The top court in the state has ordered that Dahi Handi will not have any height restrictions, but a govinda should be of minimum 7 feet, it is learnt by Faking News. We are bored, year after year, to see minions and minnows squabble about to make a tall pyramid and completely fall apart, observed the court.


“Out of getting completely bored, settling civil and criminal cases, we get entertained to hear cases on Dahi Handi height, Cauvery water dispute, BCCI match fixing, SAHARA-SEBI fight, Auctioning assets and hearing a few bail applications from movie stars etc., This time around we are making the rules according to our taste and fancy” a top court official told Faking News.

“Anything and everything of slightest importance becomes a judicial issue in this country. How is a court concerned with fixing height restrictions for Dahi Handi? It is a historic order, to restrict the height of Govinda to a minimum of 7 feet. Every year, teams from Spain and a few more countries visit Mumbai, for the event. Now, only Russians and NBA players from the USA can participate in the event. After this, hope our system will leave the courts alone to make them do what they do best, while not on vacations” a common man and a Mumbaikar, a rare combination in itself, told Faking News.

“According to the last government records, only 10 men in the entire country is of more than 7 feet. That is a few short for a Dahi Handi team. Even tall politicians and larger-than-life movie stars will not measure upto 7 feet in height. It is going to be a Russia VS USA fight in all the events in the metro city. It is like the cold war era again and India being right in the middle, this time around. The cold war is rekindled and going to be over a pot of curd now” a world traveller and a self proclaimed know-it-all told Faking News.

All around Mumbai, a lot of govindas were seen wearing high heel shoes and a lengthy wig to make themselves look like 7 feet tall, using the loopholes in the court order, it is learnt by Faking News.