Darkness around Winterfell exposes PM Modi's claim of 100% electrification: Congress

30, Apr 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: The great war at Winterfell is over and the living have triumphed over the dead. However, much of the focus during the war was on the darkness in and around Winterfell.

winterfell battle

There was hardly any lighting and the locals had to rely on magical fires from a witch to see anything. Main opposition party Congress has now highlighted it and targeted BJP and Narendra Modi over the poor electrical supply in the North.

Addressing a Press Conference, Congress Spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said, “Modi Ji keeps talking about the 100% electricity coverage provided by his government but we see that they were all fake claims. When Winterfell really needed power supply, they were left to fend for themselves in the dark against the army of the dead. If they had flood lights installed on the walls of the castle, maybe the Dothraki and all of the unsullied would have been with us today.But how could they have installed flood lights when there was no power supply?”

“Not just the Winterfell army, the viewers were also suffering because of the power situation there. We couldn’t see what was going on, we didn’t know whether our beloved characters are safe or not, and we didn’t even get to see the majestic dragons properly. Winterfell is right up there in the North and if this is the power situation in North, you can imagine the situation in the south which is always ignored by BJP”, the Congress spokesperson added.

When asked why Congress didn’t provide power to Winterfell during UPA rule, Mr. Surjewala said, “Because there was no need at the time as it was Summer. The winter came only during the NDA rule, which spread darkness everywhere making electricity a necessity.”

Meanwhile, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra reacted to this press conference by saying that he will personally go and have dinner in Winterfell and show everyone that every government facility is there inside the castle.