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Daughter lost in visarjan frenzy finally reunited with family, comes running to 'mummy' after mother starts using Santoor soap 

12, Sep 2019 By @jurnoleast

A 6 year old Mumbai girl, who was separated from her mother in the immersion frenzy, was finally reunited with her mother after 2 hours.

visarjan santoor

The girl had gone with her mother to witness the famous Lalbaug visarjan, when she lost contact with her mother during to the surging crowd. Luckily a few lady officers on bandobast duty spotted her and took her to the nearest Lost and Found booth. But even after an hour of making announcement on the loudspeaker, they still couldn’t trace her mother.

Meanwhile the distraught mother too lodged a missing person report in the local police station. It was the presence of mind of a lady constable, who suggested that the woman wash her hands with Santoor soap, which finally united the mother and daughter.

While speaking to Faking News on how she got the idea, constable Swati Ghorpade said, “Maine TV pe dekha that ki aisa chooti bacchi apne mummy ke paas bhaag ke aati hai. Woh santoor sabun se nahane ke baad hota hai. Mujhe laga woh idea apun idhar bhi use kar sakte hai.

No sooner the woman washed her hands with Santoor, her daughter came running to her screaming ‘mummy’. Emotional scenes were witnessed at the police station post the reunion.

Cops say that this ingenious method will now be used to trace lost kids. “Earlier we used to circulate pictures on WhatsApp. But with this Santoor method it will be easier to find lost  kids,” said a senior cop.

“We have already stocked Santoor soaps at most of our police chowkies as a proactive measure,” he added.