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A day before court verdict on rape case, MSG launches his own line of 'Being Innocent' T-shirts

23, Aug 2017 By @jurnoleast

As Haryana and Punjab gear up for the verdict on the 15year old rape case against MSG, the godman took some time out today to launch his own his own brand of Being Innocent t-shirts. The event took place at a local mall which was overflowing with fans, where the saint held aloft samples of the clothing which have been designed by MSG himself.

Sab kuch hum khud hi karte hain. Designer bhi hum hai, tailor bhi. Model bhi hum aur pehen ne wale bhi. Fashion ki duniya me hum all rounder hai,” he said amidst loud cheers from his followers.

These shirts will be made available to followers free of cost and can also be ordered online via MSG’s own website.

Many say that the move is aimed at changing the perception of people and hoping that it will somehow get the court verdict in his favor. A close aide of the saint who spoke to our reporter said, “If Salman can start a Being Human range then why can’t our saint?”

Apparently, the aide was linking Salman’s Being Human charity with the leniency shown by the courts during hearing of the cases against the bollywood actor.

Around 40,000 followers of MSG are expected to turn up at Panchkula for the verdict wearing the aforementioned t-shirts. Security agencies are taking no chances and have asked their personnel to be extra careful around anyone sporting a Being Innocent shirt.

Meanwhile, it’s not just the media that is keeping a close eye on the verdict. Bookies have already started placing bets on the outcome. “Market garam hai. Many are going beyond the ruling and placing bets on his attire and also the vehicle which he’ll be using. Some say he arrive in a spaceship dressed like an alien. Others say he will be dressed as a judge and deliver the verdict himself,” said a bookie who didn’t wish to be named.