Dead snake found in mid-day meal in Faridabad, Govt says they were serving Chinese cuisine to children

12, May 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

A group of students of a government school in Faridabad on Thursday found a small snake in their mid-day meal, prompting the district administration to launch a probe in the incident. If this incident was shocking, more shock was actually to follow when the government said that it was working in favor of the kids and wanted to provide them with Chinese cuisine, for a change from the simple daal-roti.

Mid day meal

Eyewitnesses said that right before some girls of Class Seven were about to start eating, one of the students spotted a small dead snake on her plate and raised an alarm.

The district administration was contacted and officials immediately stopped other schools from consuming mid-day meals supplied by the ISKCON Foundation

Our Faking News reporter caught up with Harneet Ahuja who handles mid- day meals scheme in Haryana on behalf of the government and he had this to say, ” Don’t you think the kids will get bored eating Indian food daily, it is so bad on our part that since last many years we have not changed the menu. Now we thought enough is enough, even government school students have right to multiple tastes, multiple cuisines that’s why we thought of including Chinese dishes. In future you may also see Thai and European dishes as well.”

The parents though are unhappy with sudden change in menu. They think that before the change in menu they should have been informed about it. Other governments have lauded the effort of Haryana government and have promised their kids as well that they will also start such service soon. The Haryana government thinks that during this time of globalization it makes sense for our students to try global cuisine. “What will they do when they become managers and politicians, they will have to eat different food based on the  location, we are preparing them for the future,” said one more official.