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After death penalty on selling drugs in Punjab, peddlers scramble to sell their remaining stock to Maradona

05, Jul 2018 By @jurnoleast

With Captain Amarinder Singh announcing death penalty for peddling drugs in Punjab, most peddlers have found themselves in a quandary.

Maradona welcoming peddlers from Punjab with open arms
Maradona welcoming peddlers from Punjab with open arms

With tonnes of unsold stock lying with them, they are now looking to dispose it off by selling it to soccer legend Diego Maradona.

“I saw him during World Cup football match. And had no doubt that agar itna sara maal koi khareed sakta hai toh who Maradona hi ho sakta hai,” said a local peddler.

According to him, consignment with a value of 100 crore is being readied to be shipped off to Argentina before death penalty law kicks in.

The soccer legend who is currently in Russia is said to have tested a drug sample from Punjab and was happy with the quality.

While speaking to Faking News Maradona said, “I usually buy my stuff from Colombian peddlers. But these people from Punjab were selling it to me at throwaway prices. So I will be buying their entire stock. Indian people are very good and helpful. Gracias,” he said while rolling himself another joint.

Sources say that out of curiosity Maradona did some of his own research on the availability of recreational drugs in Punjab and was surprised with which it is so easily available in the state. The ex-Footaball players close confidante also revealed that Maradona would have moved permanently to Punjab had the death penalty law not been announced.