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A dedicated app “Spot your PM” to keep people informed about PM’s whereabouts

09, Jul 2017 By dasu

New Delhi:  As Prime minister Narendra Modi prefers to club his foreign trips together and try to squeeze as many countries possible in short period to save his time and energy, sometimes people get confused where is he now.


Keeping this in mind Prime minister’s office has decided to launch a new app, ‘Spot your PM’ which will be launched soon. The new app which is on the lines of ‘Spot your Train’ will give details like where is PM right now, his arrival and departure time as he moves from one place to other.

Giving us some details for the need for such an app, one of the senior official of PMO said, “We saw people still discussing about PM’s Israel trip when he has moved to Germany for G20 summit. Last month PM moved from Portugal to US to Netherlands in a record 4 days and 3 nights, people could not track the pace of his movement. We want his current visit to get maximum traction during discussion in social media circle or outside”.

PMO official added, “The features that will be there in the first version of app will be like how many times he praised his counterpart leader, how many times praise he received, how many dinners were hosted for him, what all he spoke in diaspora meeting, who are eligible for OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card in a particular country. Let me remind you, the rules for OCI card differs from country to country, PM takes a final call during his diaspora address”.

“Most important information for Indians who eagerly wait for him, when he will arrive here In India and then when he will depart for next trip, these will be displayed on the app. Though the flights he uses are maintained well, but still they are Air India flights, so it’s natural for people to be anxious”, said the PMO official.

The newly launched app crashed on launch as it was too heavy with too many details about all foreign trips PM has taken in last three years. PMO is working to delete the minor foreign trips before publishing the new version of apps.