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Dejected parents adopt untalented boy after discovering own son to be too talented

14, Jul 2013 By The Reviewer

Mumbai. In a shocking incident, a Mumbai based couple has adopted an untalented struggling actor as their child after finding their son, currently studying in IIT Powai and a passionate singer, to be too talented.

“Maybe he would become a highly paid executive in some MNC and win some karaoke competition organized by the HR department of his company, but we want someone who shines on TV, national TV,” explained Mr. Deshmukh, 49, who adopted the 21-year struggling actor Krrrrish as their second son.

Mr. Deshmukh further claimed that he was batchmate of Anu Malik and the entire school thought that he was more talented than Malik, but because of lack of talent, a besura (as claimed by him) Malik could become a reality show judge while he had to be content with a government job.

Kamaal Rashid Khan
He and Chunky Pandey are role models for Krrrrish

Mrs. Shobha, wife of Mr. Deshmukh too was of the view that talent was not needed to be a reality show judge or a celebrity on national television.

“Look at Sidhu! What is he doing in that comedy show? Why don’t they just use a wax statue of him and play a soundtrack? And Riteish Deshmuk as a dance show judge? Sonali Bendre as a talent show judge! And we are not even talking about MTV Roadies judges and winners,” she said.

Not only reality shows, Deshmukhs are confident that their adopted untalented son would scale heights and would be called to prime time TV news debates shows.

“He could even become spokesperson of a national party as he has already joined Twitter and interacting with every random journalist with comparable IQ,” Mr. Deshmukh revealed.

“Lack of talent and IQ is the central requirement for being successful in such roles, and we have no hope from our original son who is only focused on his studies and takes singing only as passion,” the parents claimed.

While the decision of the Deshmukh couple has shocked many, some experts claim that the couple took the right decision.

“This should inspire other parents and a new industry could come up. People with IQ less than 30 could become sought after sperm donors,” fertility expert Dr. ND Tiwari told Faking News.

Meanwhile the talented son of Mr. Deshmukh, Vishwanathan was understandably upset. “Everyone at IIT is mocking me now. Why did they name me Vishwnathan if they wanted a dumb kid? Why didn’t they just name me Rahul or something?”

On the other hand Krrrrish, the untalented young man adopted by Mr. Deshmukh is on top of the world, “I met a numerologist last year who told me to shorten my name to Krish from Krishna and add 3 extra R. This is already working!”