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Delhi based family heads to a coal-fired power plant to enjoy some fresh air

31, Oct 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Air quality in Delhi has deteriorated to such an extent that Delhi residents are now heading to coal-fired power plants to breathe in comparatively fresh air. A family of four spent the last weekend at the power plant in Panipat to escape the toxic air of Delhi. 35 yrs old IT Engineer Gaurav Walia took his family there for a weekend outing as he couldn’t afford the more expensive options of Manali and Ladakh.

Crisp Autumn morning in Delhi

Supreme Court had earlier tried to resolve the pollution problem by banning the sale of crackers during Diwali but evidently, it had no effect and the Delhi air continues to be as toxic as before. People are spending all their time indoors with air-purifiers or out of Delhi to avoid breathing this air. This has reduced the traffic more than the odd-even scheme but sadly, still no reduction in air pollution.

Speaking to Faking News, Mr. Walia said ,”We knew we had to get away, we needed to breathe some fresh natural air. Now since it is month end and like all engineers I was broke, so I couldn’t afford hotels or even the fare to hill stations. Therefore, I decided to visit my brother who is an engineer at Panipat power plant. It wasn’t ideal but at least the pollution levels were lower than Delhi. We might make it a weekly thing now, spend every weekend there.”

Meanwhile, having lost faith in Governments and Courts, people of Delhi are trying their own methods to remove the blanket of smog enveloping the capital. A Facebook event is being organised and everyone will switch on their table fans tonight at 8 PM, and point them upwards to try and blow the smog away.