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Delhi boy who did Bungee Jumping forgets to post his video on Facebook, brings shame to Delhiites

30, Jul 2016 By sameer mahawar

New Delhi. Samar Verma, a Shalimar Bagh resident, has brought shame to fellow Delhiites who are well known for showing off what they do, by not posting his bungee jumping video on Facebook.

Don't forget to post it on FB
Don’t forget to post it on FB

Of late, it has become a trend that if you experience or achieve something in life and don’t rant about it on social media, people don’t believe it to be true.

But that Delhi guy seemed to be least bothered about this fact.

Samar had gone to Rishikesh last month where he did some adventure sporting. Though the location check-ins were at frequent intervals, the supporting evidences in the form of photos and videos were missing from the timeline.

“Initially I thought that he must be using a 2g data pack to cut down roaming costs and will upload his Bungee jumping video later. But it has been a month and I haven’t seen any of his video with hashtags like #BungeeJumping #Scared&Excited #YouLiveOnlyOnce. This unethical behavior couldn’t be expected from a Delhiite,” said Aarushi Jain, Samar’s neighbour, who checks-in at Vero Moda while doing shopping at Palika Bazar.

Samar’s cousin, whose marks are compared by his parents with that of Samar’s, said, “Bhaiya has bought a bad name to the family. If you don’t show-off, you should be ashamed calling yourself a Delhiite. Whenever I do something, the same gets updated to all social media platforms. Insta, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook are used to record your history. If something is not updated here, it means you haven’t done it.”

Samar’s mother, a kitty member of High Class Kitty Group, has been penalised for the misdeed of his son. She has now been asked to contribute double the amount she has been contributing earlier, to boost their “Show-off Fund” which the group spends every year to match the show-off standards of other kitty groups.