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Delhi boy openly smoking at home now, says parents can’t see or smell cigarette smoke in this smog

07, Nov 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: 24 yrs old RK Puram resident Anuj, who was hiding his smoking habit from parents for past 4 yrs, has now started smoking openly in his house. Anuj says that thanks to the heavy smog in and around Delhi, nobody in his family can see or smell the smoke he produces from his cigarette.

A bright day in Delhi

Delhi and several other parts of North India are experiencing heavy smog for the past few weeks. The situation has become such that Delhi has become the most polluted city in the world. A WhatsApp message claiming that UNESCO has declared Delhi’s pollution as the best pollution in the world has also started circulating.

Speaking to Faking News about this, Anuj said,”Life has become so much more comfortable during these past few weeks. Earlier, I had to think up various reasons to step out of the house to smoke. Weekdays were still ok as I had to do it only for few hours but weekends were really painful. However, with all this smog in the air, I can freely smoke at home without anyone noticing what I am doing.”

“There is already so much smoke everywhere; it is right inside the house as well so nobody sees the smoke I exhale. Poor quality of air ensures they don’t smell anything as well. Already so much smoke they are inhaling, my contribution to the smoke inside the house doesn’t even register. Sometimes we don’t even see each other’s faces, Papa calls me to ask me where have I gone and I have to tell him that I am sitting on the chair beside him”, Anuj added.

When we asked Anuj what happens if his parents buy an air purifier, he said,”Oh we have an air purifier already; everyone in the locality gave that only to each other as Diwali gift. After that this is the situation.”