Delhi boy receives bravery award for showing exceptional courage in resisting the urge to play PUBG 

24, Jan 2020 By @jurnoleast

Ahead of 26th January, 22 recipients from across the country were conferred with bravery awards for showing exceptional courage. Among the recipients was a 12 year old boy from Delhi who stood out from the rest for his act of bravery in resisting the urge to play the popular mobile game PUBG. All kids were felicitated by PM Modi and he did make a special mention about the kids who are addicted to their smartphones.


The gallant kids came from different states int he country with their own act of courage, but none like the one who showed valor in the face of adversity. Apparently, the boy used to spend 12 hours playing games just lying on the couch. At times even skipping school by making excuses. “Poora din sirf PUBG. Khana khane ko bulao toh kehta tha ki maa mai ab seedha chicken dinner khaunga. It was the threat of forcing him to watch Arjun Kapoor movies back to back made him cut down on his gaming addiction. I think I deserve an award too,” said the kids mom.

Coincidentally it is the same boy whose mother had last year sought advice from PM Modi on how to reduce screen time for kids who are addicted to smartphones. The question elicit the ‘Ye PUBG wala hain kya’ reaction from the PM.

The PM also mentioned that the award would be confiscated if the kid goes back to his earlier ways or shows any aspiration to become a TikTok star.