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Delhi boy threatens Tinder CEO after getting zero matches

25, Feb 2017 By mockinator

New Delhi: After months of frustration, a 25 year old man from Delhi has sent an email to the Chief Executive Officer of Tinder, threatening him with dire consequences for running a “fake dating app”. Harinder Narula, a resident of Karol Bagh, sent the threatening mail after failing to get any matches on the Tinder app.

Only message Narula wants to see

“I have been using the app for three months now without any success, which is baffling because I am a good looking rich guy. Even my photo there is with my Audi and BMW cars in the background. Tinder is up to something which isn’t allowing girls to swipe right on my profile”, said a visibly upset Narula. When asked about his profession, Narula told us that he handles finances of his father’s business and ensures that his dad’s bank balance remains in check.

Narula added, “I performed all the recommended steps to improve my Tinder profile. Initially, I took a photo with my neighbour’s dog to show that I’m an animal lover, no matches. I photoshopped another picture of mine to replace Qutub Minar in the background with the Eiffel Tower, again nothing. I also mentioned the keywords ‘sapiosexual’  and ‘wanderlust’ in my bio, again nothing. Now even with my two most prized possessions in the background, still nothing. How can any girl not fall for this?”

We asked if he mentioned any pickup lines in his bio, he smiled and said, “Hey I’m looking for treasure, Can I look around your chest? It is such a great line. I am sure girls will love this but I suspect Tinder isn’t allowing girls to view my profile.”

On one occasion, Narula did manage to get a match. But it later turned out to be a 44 years old chemist from Rohtak posing as a girl.

Narula refused to confirm or deny when we asked if he ended his threatening mail with ‘Tu janta nahi mera baap kaun hai’.