Delhi citizens demand more parks after closing down of McDonald's outlets which were their favorite outing place

23, Aug 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

McDonald’s India Pvt. Ltd (MIPL), the local unit of the American fast food chain, on Monday terminated its franchise agreement with Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt. Ltd (CPRL), which runs McDonald’s outlets in north and east India. This decision has not gone well with the local residents of Delhi for whom McDonald’s was the favorite picnic spot. They have requested the present government to come up with more parks and gardens for them to have more options to roam around.


Delhiites starts flocking around the favorite fast food chain right from the morning when the stores open. These are places where people do their workout, conduct important business meets, take interviews and most important of all, kill time. Most of the kids in and around still think McDonald to be a picnic spot rather than a fast food outlet, in fact there are many kids who were born in McDonalds stores.

The Kejriwal government has assured the citizens that it will try to convince McDonalds to start operating again. Ramdev Baba meanwhile has assured citizens that soon his Patanjali brand will try to open some fast food chain across NCR. Though not commenting on the menu to be inducted there are rumors that it will include Aloe-vera Tikki, Cauliflower wraps, beet root sauce and Indian Fries.

Gym memberships have increased many folds as people are in urgent need to go to places for time-pass. Shop owners inside the malls are a happy lot as now people will take out some time for shopping also rather than just sitting at McDonalds for hours and hours. Faking News reporter spoke to one such resident named Harneet Ahuja and he had this to say,” Right from 8 AM in the morning my kids start asking me about when are we visiting McDonald’s today and I have no answer for them. My whole family is fit because we spent too much of our time walking to the nearest McDonald store. But with the stores closing down, am really worried about my family’s health.”