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Delhi CM promises uninterrupted power cuts this summer

29, May 2013 By brikesh

New Delhi. Fed up of constant criticism about not being able to deliver on her promises, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit today made a promise that she’s absolutely confident of delivering on.

Ms. Dixit announced that the city of Delhi will witness uninterrupted power cuts this summer.

“My heart bleeds for you every time I think of the hefty electricity bills you have to pay, from today onwards Na hogi bijli, na hoga bijli ka bill,” Dixit declared to a thunderous applause.

Sheila Dixit
Delhi will not see even one minute of electricity, CM promised and asked citizens to forget about it.

“Can you imagine how frustrating it can get when you are enjoying a candle light sweaty dinner with your family and suddenly the fan starts rotating – blowing off the candle and wiping off the sweat of a hard working aam aadmi? After many years of interruptions finally we will be able to enjoy nonstop power cuts,” a visibly happy Udaas Kalra, a resident of Rohini told Faking News.

Delhi has been witnessing frequent power cuts during summers for many years now. Last year saw blackouts and grid failures that helped the then Union Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde get promoted to the post of Union Home Minister of India.

Political analysts believe that by promising uninterrupted power cuts, Sheila Dixit has bettered Shinde’s record and could be promoted to the post of Prime Minister of India.

“They are already looking to replace Manmohan Singh and this could make Sheila Dixit the front runner,” a political expert claimed.

Political experts further claim that this will help Dixit sweep the Delhi assembly elections once again.

“BJP has failed to challenge her. Arvind Kejriwal was challenging her by joining electric wires to homes. Now there will be no electricity and Kejriwal will have nothing to join,” the political expert pointed out.

Even economists, including the current Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, have hailed this move.

“The number of millionaires in Delhi will shoot through the roof considering no one will be paying electricity bills anymore,” claimed an economic expert.

Meanwhile there were major traffic jams in the city with thousands of electric and electronic appliances being thrown on the roads by happy residents. Some residents have gone creative and turned refrigerators into cupboards, while washing machines and microwaves have replaced coffee tables and chairs.

“Thank god for this decision now I do not have to buy the next playstation for my son,” said Mr. Saxena from Vasant Vihar.