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Delhi to get Tennis like Hawk-Eye technology, to decide under which police stations jurisdiction would a case finally fall 

06, Aug 2018 By @jurnoleast

Delhi: To curb the rising number of cases where cops fight over jurisdiction of a case while victims are left languishing, has prompted Delhi Govt to use Hawk-Eye technology for resolving such cases.


The decision was taken by CM Arvind Kejriwal himself after a meeting with his cabinet members and is believed to be his brainchild.

While speaking to media persons he said, “Cops passing the case to each other citing jurisdiction reminded me of a tennis game. And hawk-eye is a very popular in tennis to decide if the ball falls inside or outside the line. That’s when I got the idea of using this technology.”

The use of this technology will see CCTV footage, satellite images and hundreds of cameras across the city recreating 3D images. An Israeli Tech Company has already been awarded the contract for the cameras.

The Minister was also present at the inauguration of this technology where a road rage was referred to Hawk-Eye.

“A man was chased and beaten in Delhi in an apparent case of road rage but hawk-eye showed that the chase ended in Gurgaon he finally fell there. So this case falls under their jurisdiction,” said the Delhi Traffic Police Chief.