After Delhi govt increases liquor prices by 70%, South Mumbai residents demand special flights to go and buy liquor from Delhi

06, May 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. South Mumbai residents have a new demand from the government. They want special flights to travel to Delhi and buy liquor from there. The reason is the increase in Liquor cost in Delhi. South Mumbai residents are known to buy everything costly and now that liquor is costlier in Delhi, they want to get it from there.


They are willing to pay any price for the private jets which the government may or may not arrange for them. They are fine with going in trains too to get their hands on the costly liquor.

Delhi Government has imposed a ‘Special Corona Fees’ of 70% tax on Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of the liquor. The revised prices will reflect from Tuesday across the national capital.

The south Mumbai residents association has written a letter to the CM asking him to arrange travel in trains or flights as costly products are essential items for the residents and they cannot survive just on the cheap groceries that are available currently in their nearby stores. Many residents are willing to pay any amount of surcharge on Uber rides also if the taxi services resume anytime soon.