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Delhi guy nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for resolving an argument between 2 drivers peacefully

21, Sep 2017 By Akash Vadera

How many times have you seen two people fighting over a car accident and creating a ruckus on the street? In Delhi, it is quite a common scenario. In fact, in Delhi you will see more car quarrels than the total number of cars.

In spite of this, no one had bothered to find a solution to this except Mr. Rahul Khurrana. Rahul, a resident of Delhi, has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for resolving an argument between 2 drivers peacefully.

We interviewed Rahul and he said., “You may have seen people getting in a tiff over car accidents. But no one bothers to intervene and stop them. The on-goers just stop their vehicles in between, eat popcorn and enjoy the fight as if some movie is playing in front of them. One day, I was driving by and I saw two people getting in a fight over a car accident. I parked my car to the side, ensuring there is no traffic jam and went ahead to talk to those guys. For the first 15 minutes, they were just threatening each other with ‘Haath to lagake dikha’ (I dare you to even touch me) and ‘Tu jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai?’ (Do you know who my father is?).

“I realised that they didn’t actually want to fight but since they had put on a show and the public was watching them, they couldn’t break the character. So I first told all the bystanders who were enjoying the scene to scatter and do their work. I used the phrase ‘Koi kaam dhanda nahi hai to mere ghar aake pankha saaf kar ke de’ (If you don’t have better things to do, come clean the fans at my house). This hurt their ego and they vanished in two seconds. Then I talked to the guys and made them understand that now no one is looking and they can say sorry to each other and walk away peacefully. As expected, they agreed and solved the issue. The argument was resolved,” he stated.

He further added, “This is when I realised I am good at this and I should do more such interventions. So I am going to develop an application for this. If you see anyone arguing or fighting over car accidents, just message me on my app and pin your location and I will come there as soon as I can. You can also choose the level of on-going argument as ‘Serious’, ‘Showoff’, ‘Fake’ or ‘Impressing girlfriend’. There is even an option to notify me about the weapons at use and the number of friends each guy has called. The app will calculate all statistics that are required to put off the fight and I’ll use those to resolve the argument.”

Mr. Rahul is indeed doing a noble work and he truly deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. So next time if you see two people getting in an argument over car accidents, you know whom to call!