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Delhi loses out due to smog, UNESCO declares Mumbai better than Delhi

07, Nov 2017 By @jurnoleast

UNESCO has finally put an end to the never ending debate of which city is better by declaring Mumbai to be the winner in the race. As per reports, the capital city lost out due to the dangerous levels of pollution since the last few days.

While speaking to Faking News, a senior UNCESO official said, “Though Delhi is the capital, other than infrastructure there is nothing else to boast about. And this news of smog was the final nail in the coffin. Mumbai on the other hand may have a crumbling infrastructure but scores on all other parameters.”

Many were happy that Mumbai finally got its due. Prominent personalities took to social media to congratulate the citizens of the city.

However, Delhiites said that it was unfair of UNESCO to come up with something like this based on smog which last for just a few months.

“What about Dilli ki chaat, dilli ki sardi and so many other things that make Delhi special. Ye mumbai walon ko sirf wada pav pata hai. Kabhi sardi padi bhi hai waha pe,” said Diljit Khurana, a businessman from Vasant Vihar.

Delhi CM Kejriwal too called UNESCO’s declaration and said that he will conduct his own internal survey to decide which city is better.