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Delhi man files “attempt to murder” case against wife for telling him to take bath

23, Dec 2014 By Anil Sharma

New Delhi: In a rather shocking incident, a 26-year-old woman named Sunita Sharma was arrested by the police today after her husband  filed an “Attempt to murder” case against her just because she kept telling him to take a bath.

The husband, Vijay Sharma, tried to lodge the FIR in the nearby Mahipalpur police station yesterday morning but the cops refused to do so as it sounded a bit silly to them at that time, but they agreed to register the complaint after a few engineering students protested in-front of the police station in support of Vijay Sharma.

Weapon used by Sunita

Vijay and Sunita got married last summer and  according to the neighbors, who were shocked to see cops arresting Sunita, they never heard them or saw them fighting with each other.

In his complaint, Vijay said that it was all good till summer and they were enjoying their married life but things changed as soon as winter struck Delhi. He alleged that his wife did not just mentally tortured him by complaining about his fetidness but also tyrannically insisted him to take a bath almost every day.

“First, I thought that she was just trying to take care of me by telling me to take a bath everyday, or maybe she just wants me to look good. But I realized soon that she is trying to kill me when she started to force me to take a bath every morning in the month of December. It’s the last week of December and still she wants me to bath everyday. You can’t even imagine the pain I’ve been through since a past few weeks!” Vijay complained.

He further alleged that his life became miserable after she started forcing him for bathing. He wrote brushing teeth every night already was enough torture for me but I cannot take it anymore.

“No, you don’t know how it feels when you’re pushed into the bathroom and you’re sitting next to a bucket full of water with an empty mug in your hand. You know the consequences but still you’re forced to bath by your wife. Your whole life flashes before your eyes before you pour that first mug of water on your feet only. I felt that every morning,” Vijay further alleged in his complaint.

Vijay also showed some evidences to the police to justify his allegations.

“He was wounded by falling on the bathroom floor. Maybe it was when he tried to run away from the water. There are eyewitnesses who’ve seen Vijay drying off his undergarments everyday,” senior inspector Suraj Chauhan told Faking News.