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Delhi man fined for owning a Royal Enfield Bullet for 2 years and not going to Ladakh even once

30, Sep 2019 By @jurnoleast

A media professional from South Delhi today got the distinction for being the first person in the country to be fined for owning a Bullet for 2 years and not making a single Ladakh trip.


The man was fined Rs 25000 after he failed to show any proof of the aforementioned trip, which as per the new rules is a violation of rules.

As per sources from traffic department, those who own a bullet will now have to undertake a bike trip to Ladakh at least once or face heavy penalty.

“How can someone own a Bullet and not go to Ladakh. This is sacrilege. To curb this menace, we are now on the hunt for such violators,” said a senior official from the traffic department.

The department will look at social media profiles of bullet owners to verify claims.

“The bike trip will have to be undertaken within 6 months of purchasing the bike. We are constantly checking Facebook and Instagram profiles for travel pics and selfies. That will also serve to validate claims,” he added.

Taking cognizance of the new rules, Royal Enfield released a press statement saying that the company will confiscate any bike that has not made the mandatory Ladakh trip.

The news was met with anxiety from not just bike owners but few Bullet bikes too. Serpentine queues of Bullet riders were seen on roads leading to Ladakh.

Elsewhere in the country, a Royal Enfield bike went to Ladakh all by itself when the owner could undertake trip.