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Delhi man learns that Bahrain, Qatar, UAE are all separate countries while reading about the tensions in the Gulf

06, Jun 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Things are tense in the Arabian Gulf these days as Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain cut diplomatic relations with Qatar. The situation may be tense there but this news has helped improve the knowledge of geography of one Delhi resident. 27 yrs old Aman Gupta finally came to know that all these are separate countries and not part of a single Arab nation.

They are not a single nation!

“Whenever someone told me that he is going to UAE or Qatar or Bahrain, I always thought they are going to the same country and these are some cities or towns in that country but apparently I was wrong. Even yesterday when I first heard this news on the Television, I thought they are demanding independence or something and that is the reason for the tensions. But when they started talking about ambassadors and embassies, that is when I started suspecting that something is not right”, Aman told Faking News.

Further, he added ,”All this while, I thought they are all part of a single country named Dubai but now that I researched it, I came to know that Dubai is a part of UAE and not the opposite. I almost shouted Eureka when I finally figured out that all these countries are independent entities. Last time I felt this way was when I learned the names of all the southern states and their capitals.”

Meanwhile, Indians in Gulf who are staring at an uncertain future were clearly told by the government that India will do whatever it takes to resolve the situation. “We can’t provide jobs to the people currently unemployed in the country, we can’t afford to start importing people without jobs. We have to work on maintaining peace in the region”, an MEA official said.