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Delhi man revising his M.Tech syllabus to prepare for his child’s Nursery interview

02, Mar 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: As the annual fight over Nursery admissions in Delhi looms ahead, 35 yrs old Amit Kumar is busy revising everything he learned in college to prepare for his 3 yrs old son’s Nursery admission interview.

man studying
Amit studying for “The Interview”

Securing their child’s admission in Nursery is one of the greatest struggles of a person living in Delhi. Some mothers have described this ordeal as being more painful than the actual process of giving birth to a child. Amit wants to be prepared and doesn’t want to risk his child’s future through lack of preparation.

Sharing details of his preparations with Faking News, Amit said, “Well as you know getting admission in a good school in Delhi is incredibly hard and getting admission in Nursery class is almost impossible. The interviews these days are very tough and more than the child, schools interview the parents of the child. This is why I am preparing myself well for the interview. I have already revised all my notes for the IIT-JEE entrance; I am done with my B.Tech. syllabus and plan to complete M.Tech. syllabus before the interview date.”

“It is not that my child Aniket isn’t preparing for the interview as well. He has already read Shakespeare, is doing sums of Trigonometry and Co-ordinate geometry. He can also explain the entire periodic table of elements including the physical and chemical properties of each element. Competition these days is so fierce that one has to prepare for everything. Who knows what these schools will ask during the interview”, Amit added.

Amit expressed confidence that their preparation will be enough to secure a spot in one of the leading schools in Delhi and they won’t have to face the ignominy of sending their child to a government school.

When we asked the chairman of a leading school in Delhi what do they ask during the interview for Nursery admissions, he replied, “Money.”