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Delhi man thrashes DJ with Dandiya sticks for refusing to play his choice of songs during Navratri celebration 

25, Sep 2017 By @jurnoleast

Navratri festivities at a local club in Delhi turned chaotic after a man, later identified as son of highly placed Govt official, trashed the DJ for refusing to play songs demanded by the audience. Eyewitness who spoke to Faking News said that they saw a middle aged man using his Dandiya sticks to beat up the DJ. Initially they thought it must be a case of audience getting carried away while dancing.


It was later when the organizers stepped in, did everyone realise that the DJ was being beaten up. Cops quickly arrived at the scene and took custody of the man who was identified as Sambo Ahluwalia, son of ex-MP Rambo Ahluwalia.

Apparently, Sambo was not happy with the DJ playing devotional songs at the event and wanted some ‘cool Justin Beiber songs’ to be played. “He walked in with a group of PYT’s and definitely looked out of place. In no time he asked the DJ start playing his choice of songs. When that did not happen he grabbed the dandiya sticks and started beating up the DJ. The crowd was unaware and took it as part of the celebration till the music stopped and everyone realized what was happening,” said one attendee who didn’t wish to be named.

“Sambo was heard threatening the DJ with ‘tu jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai’, but that did not have any effect as the organizers were also influential. For around half an hour both sides were liberally throwing their political connections around they were exhausted,” he added.

The club where the incident took place was in news last year for the infamous ‘Bobby Deol’ incident where the actor turned DJ played songs of his movie Gupt.