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Delhi man’s car scratch-less after 2 years, housing society orders scratches for harmony

09, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Mastram Housing Society (MHS) in Delhi has passed an order to scratch the car of one of its members, Jai Kumar, as the scratch-less car was creating differences among the residents. Jai bought his sedan car in 2014 and even after driving on Delhi roads for 2 years; there was no scratch on the car.

A typical car in Delhi

A car surviving for 2 years in the city without accumulating any scratch or even a tiny dent perplexed every neighbor of Mr. Kumar. Many residents of his housing society even started getting jealous of him and the atmosphere inside the society was suffering due to this. Taking note of this development, MHS secretary passed the order for at least 5 scratches on Jai’s car.

“I know Jai may have been hurt a little but we must focus on the bigger picture here. As the society secretary, it is my duty to ensure we all live in harmony here. Now it would have been ok if Jai was not driving around much in his car but he was taking it out every day for a drive in Delhi traffic and still his car used to shine like a new car. When everyone else has a car full of scratches or dents thanks to Delhi driving experience, this one used to stand out like a sore thumb”, MHS secretary Anand Babu said explaining his decision.

“We asked Jai if there is some secret to driving in Delhi that he could share with everyone else but he said there was no secret, he just drove carefully. Many people took offence at this as they thought jai was implying they didn’t know how to drive. This really made the society atmosphere toxic and petty quarrels started taking place. Only solution left for me was to order some scratches on his car so that everyone returns to an equal footing”, Anand Babu added.

We tried to get in touch with Jai for his reaction but ever since this order was passed, jai has left home in his car and is refusing to come back.