Thursday, 23rd January, 2020


After Delhi and Mumbai, Virat-Anushka to have a third reception to announce that they wont be having any more receptions

22, Dec 2017 By @jurnoleast

Recently married Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, who will be having their second reception in Mumbai, revealed that they will be having a third reception too.

Sources say that the third will be held in Bengaluru and the sole purpose of that would be to announce that there wont be any more receptions.

Family and friends who have been accompanying the couple for all the events heaved a sigh of relief  after the announcement since there were speculations that there would be a reception in every major city in the country.

“The couple are on a reception spree since they returned form Italy. The Bengaluru reception will hopefully put an end to this,” said Virat’s close friend.

“Delhi reception was for Virat and his family. Mumbai one is for Anushka and her Bollywood friends. Since Virat plays for Bengaluru in IPL, it is obvious that there would one event in the city too,” he added.

No sooner the announcement was made, fans of the celeb couple from Kolkata and Chennai  took to social media to express their anger for excluding their respective cities.

CM Mamata Bannerjee questioned the reasoning behind leaving out Kolkata and put the blame squarely on PM Modi. “Humko maloom hoi. Ye Modi ne kiya hoiga,” she screamed while speaking to her supporters.