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Delhi passenger misses train after it unexpectedly arrives on time

13, Nov 2017 By itsmihir1993

Indian Railways is infamous for its train delays usually running into hours, also resulting in the cancellation of several trains.


The passengers are so used to travelling in trains which arrive late that they have almost started arriving late at the railway station in order to minimise the time spent on the railway station while waiting for the train to arrive.

In a bid to do so, Niraj (28), who was scheduled to board a train to Kolkata from New Delhi, missed his train after it arrived on time.

Niraj reached the New Delhi railway station three hours after the train departed. He was shocked when he realised that the train had arrived and departed on time, which resulted in his failure to board the train.

“I often take this train to travel on the route. The scheduled arrival of the train is 7 AM and it departs at 07:20 AM. However, in all my past experiences, the train never arrived before 11 PM and I had to wait for more than four hours on each occasion. To save some time, I arrived at 10 AM today only to realise that it had already departed,” said a disappointed Niraj.

The train strangely arrived on time despite the low visibility, exclaimed Niraj. “Although I have missed this train, another train which was supposed to arrive last night hasn’t arrived yet and I’m planning to board it to reach Kolkata,” he said.

In the waiting room of New Delhi railway station, several passengers were shocked and stranded after missing the train that arrived on time. “I tried checking the train status but the visibility was so low that I couldn’t read a word on my mobile screen and eventually missed the train,” said a passenger who blamed the thick smog in Delhi.