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Delhi Police to accept onions as fine amount from those violating traffic rules 

26, Sep 2019 By @jurnoleast

As per a circular, traffic constables in Delhi will now accept onions as fine amount for those violating driving rules in the city.

traffic cops

The move was proposed keeping in mind the rising prices of onions and the heft fine amounts that citizens have to pay. Onion prices have touched Rs 80 per kg in the capital and is expected to soar even further in the coming months.

The latest move will help those who are caught for violating traffic rules but don’t have enough cash with them. “We wanted to ease the burden on citizens of the city. With just one onion you can pay off your fine for not wearing helmet. For not stopping at red signal, you may have to cut an onion into half,” said a senior official from the Traffic Dept while speaking to our reporter.

At major traffic signals of the city, cops who were armed with weighing scales were seen stopping traffic violators.

In just a few hours the dept collected around 200 kgs of onions through challans across Delhi. Sources say that some of these will be used in the office canteen for cooking, while the rest would be sold in open market.

The dept also felt that the move has also ensured that traffic cops won’t fall prey to bribes. However that optimism was short lived after few constables were found with onion slices in their pockets. Which the cops couldn’t account for on further investigation.